As Thomas Jefferson himself effused about his home nearby...

“dear Monticello, where has nature spread so rich a mantle under the eye?...mountains, forests, rocks, rivers, with what majesty do we there ride above the storms!”

The beauty of the area he also described as the "Eden of America" is manifest upon entering the wrought iron gates and along the manicured, tree lined drive into this grand estate. Encompassing an entire river valley, the gently rolling fields of verdant, board fenced pastures, shady old oaks, and rich farmland and forest as far as the eye can see provides the perfect mix of open and wooded landscape. Pure spring water rises from rock outcroppings near one of the grand manor homes and serves the oldest part of the farm, and along with two lakes, numerous ponds and drilled wells throughout the property, there is more than ample water for all of the dwellings and livestock. A mountain river also traverses the property, and just above the river, on the balcony of the Mt. Pleasant manor home, one can peacefully enjoy the most remarkable sunsets, looking westward over the Blue Ridge mountains, listening to the river gently babbling over the rocks below, while in the distance hearing the peaceful lowing of cow to calf.

Every imaginable amenity, comfort, and pleasure of country living can be found here. A fresh mount from the stable or a relaxing carriage ride will transport you to a different time, as you explore all that can be seen to the horizon, and miles of interior, paved roads, provide safe and secure travels for everything from bicycles to your most cherished motorcar. Discover the magic of traveling along a wooded trail and breaking out into an open field, and beholding a spectacular Blue Ridge panorama, with a long distance view for miles and miles, with no homes or buildings of any kind in sight.

Family and guests will be amazed at the Big Slide and beach at one of the lakes, and jet skiing and a new beach house at the other (45 acre) lake, in addition to swimming at the pool beside the Mt. Pleasant manor home, and the fun to be had at the regulation go-kart track. Swimming, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, tennis, canoeing and name it, and it can be found in this safe, secure, and beautiful environment, just minutes to the finest restaurants, vineyards and wineries, state of the art medical facilities, world class events of all kinds, horse shows, exciting college sports, and the cosmopolitan academic environment of the University of Virginia. It only gets better, as there is now a seven mile ring of fiber optic cable throughout the estate that guarantees that you will always receive the fastest high speed internet communications available. Convenient to Washington, DC, Atlantic Ocean beaches, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah National Park, and Wintergreen Ski Resort and Spa. Transportation is so easy, with daily train service to Washington and New York, and flights everywhere from the gleaming Charlottesville airport make this an exceptional location for friends and family to gather. As Jefferson also remarked about his beloved Monticello..."the happiest moments of my life have been which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family".


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Although it cannot be readily seen  from our interactive aerial map, the northern portion of the 3700 acre main estate has been developed into a community of large, gated, estates lots, where several homes have been built over the last few years. The companion estate,  Reventon, of some 750 acres is not contiguous, but only a mile or so away, and features a 45 acre lake, a lakeshore beach house, jetski landing, and bunkhouse under tall oaks. With approximately 550 divisions of this estate possible, present and future value is assured, and one might consider establishing a conservation easement, which would provide a significant tax benefit. The property taxes are already extremely low for such a large and magnificent holding, as the tax assessment offers an enormous discount for maintaining the property just as it is. Income is derived from agricultural leases and rents from a number of homes on the property, as well as from weddings and events ( in an especially romantic setting, apart from the private center of the estate). It has quietly become a widely sought after wedding venue, for its beauty and convenience, and the finest of facilities. Experienced staff and dedicated management are in place, along with the finest equipment, to maintain and preserve this pristine and self sustainable family legacy property.  $75M

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A magic kingdom by any standard, we extend an invitation for you to have a firsthand look and enjoy a private showing of this incredible property. Eden of America is a one of a kind property, and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Please let us know how we can help make your dreams come true. We are at your service.

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